Compress Outlook PST - An Outlook Recovery Initiative

Client Reviews

One day when I try to start Outlook I found Outlook spitting ďoutlook.pst cannot be accessed Ė 0X80040116Ē error message to me. I was unable to access my important mails and canít even guess my schedule as I was too depend on Outlook for my mails, tasks and other work. I contact SysTools support just to give a try and voila they not only recovered my Outlook PST ceasing out that error message but also compress my PST to considerable sizes that I need not worry for another 2 and half more years.

I started Outlook and get error message like ďErrors have been detected in the file Outlook.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair ToolĒ. When I asked SysTools the reason for that error message I came to know that it is due Outlook file size limits. Team not only fixes my corrupt Outlook Personal folders but also compress my other Personal folders to prevent them from future damages.

Compress PST Services

Prevent your Outlook reporting you file size errors and undergoing corruption due to its oversized Personal folders (PST files) with Compress PST software and services.

Why to Compress PST?

  • Compressing PST maintains your Outlook performance even when your system is running low on memory.
  • PST compress prevents Outlook Personal folders to reach their oversized limits (2 GB and 20GB constraints).
  • PST compress helps prevent ad-hoc programs with malicious scripts to access your Outlook Personal folders.
  • Packing PST files down to smaller sizes helps you in their cost-effective archiving.

Compress PST Services

PST compression services are for those who are running down in their project budgets and canít have enough funds to pay for PST compression software yet like to get their PST compress tasks done. Novices; who donít have any technical know-how on Outlook or donít want to dwell into Outlook technicalities can too switch to Compress PST Service.

How Compress PST services Works?

You first need to gather your FREE PST compress service quote from Services page of SysTools. Team SysTools contacts you and requests you for remote access of your system where your PST files are located. If remote access is not possible then team requests you to upload your PST files over given FTP. Once collected or gaining access to your PST files, PST compress team by deploying powerful compression utilities at your end compress PST files for you. All you need to pay is for service charge which is in fraction of software cost and not for software.

What Services are Offering You?

  • Compress your multiple PST files on the go!
  • No technical know-how required at your end
  • In User customization
  • Cost-effective
  • Guaranteed recovery or money refund.